together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

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Access in Insight: Gateways to Theravada Buddhism. (

Fantastic set of translations of suttas from the Pali Canon Osel Shen Phen Ling: The Tibetan Buddhist Center. (

A particularly beautiful web site, with lovely teachings from modern lamas. BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information Network. (

Rich site, with a great glossary by Ven. S. Dhammika, and many downloadable texts of all traditions. The White Path Temple: Shin Buddhism. (

Many articles and resources regarding the popular Shin tradition. The Buddhist Library (

A very large collection of Buddhist texts and commentary. Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. (

A site associated with the magazine Tricycle. Some articles are are available right here! The Journal of Buddhist Ethics. (

Very technical, philosophical free internet publication. The E-Sangha. (

A large and active Buddhist discussion forum.
Smaller, friendlier links
What do you think my friend? (

Tan Chade Meng’s selections of writings, including a lovely translation of the Dhammapada. The Buddhist Reading Room. (

Another great site, which offers the Dhammapada, several suttas, and lengthy pieces by Ajahn Chah and Jack Kornfield. The Refuge: A Sangha for the Skeptical Buddhist. (

A warm and friendly group of Buddhists and fellow-travelers, here to support each other on the path. And for many, many more Buddhist links, see The Dharma Ring.

Suggested Readings

Walpola Rahula — What the Buddha Taught — A really good explanation of basic ideas, using lots of Pali Sutra quotes.

Kogen Mizuno — The Beginnings of Buddhism — A great review of the Buddha’s teachings, presented in the form of a biography.

John Snelling — The Elements of Buddhism and The Buddhist Handbook — Great introductions (the first short, the second long), especially to the history of

Buddhism, up to the present.

The Dhammapada — The most beautiful summation of Buddhism in the sutras! Many translations available.

The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion — Shambhala, publisher — Every Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist word in Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese, and Japanese, you are ever going to come across. Also available in more limited versions (e.g. one for Zen…)!

Shunryu Suzuki — Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind — IMHO the very best book ever written on Zen.

Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki — Introduction to Zen Buddhism and Manual of Zen Buddhism —

Classic introduction and selection of readings on Zen.

Philip Kapleau — The Three Pillars of Zen — Great introduction. Follow-up books also available.

Thich Nhat Hanh — Being Peace — Suggestions for meditation by the originator of Engaged Buddhism. He’s written many others.

Robert Thurman — Essential Tibetan Buddhism — Collection of Tibetan texts by the father of Uma. Tough reading!

Dalai Lama — The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living — It’s by the Dalai Lama! He has written many others as well.

Stephen Batchelor — Buddhism Without Beliefs — A wonderful effort at fitting Buddhism together with Western society (not an easy task!).

Sylvia Boorstein — That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist — Buddhism from the Jewish perspective.

Charlotte Joko Beck — Everyday Zen: Love and Work — Zen in ordinary life.

David Brazier — Zen Therapy — An expanation of how Zen contributes to therapy. And

The Feeling Buddha — a great introduction to Buddhist Psychology.

Mark Epstein — Thoughts Without a Thinker — Zen blended with Freud.

Alan Watts — wrote lots of great books, introducing a generation of hippies to “beat” Zen.

Thomas Cleary — good modern translator of many Buddhist texts.

Stephen Mitchell — another good modern translator of many Buddhist texts.

John Stevens — a third good translator. See especially Wild Ways: Zen Poems of

Ikkyu and Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf: Zen Poems of Ryokan.

Lao Tsu — The Tao te Ching — It’s not really Buddhism, but it has contributed to Zen enormously. And it is one of the greatest little books ever written. I would recommend the translation by Ursula K. leGuin.

Epictetus — The Art of Living — Ancient Greek Buddhism? A translation of this great Stoic work by Sharon Lebell. Short and easy to read.

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