together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

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Published Writing – Books by Bill Gates

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The Road Ahead
In the 1996 edition of The Road Ahead, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates laid out his vision of an interconnected world built around the Internet. Based on the premise that life will be transformed by the convergence of inexpensive computing and inexpensive communications, Gates drew from his experience at the center of the personal computer revolution to give insights on the growth, evolution and impact of technology.

Inside Out
To commemorate Microsoft’s 25th anniversary, the company published Inside Out, a book written by and for employees which highlights the products, people and culture that transformed Bill Gates’ and Paul Allen’s vision for personal computing into reality. Each chapter of the book features an introductory essay by Bill Gates, reflecting on the company’s history and looking ahead to future opportunities.

Business @ the Speed of Thought
Business @ the Speed of Thought was written to inspire you to demand – and get – more from technology, enabling you and your company to respond faster to your customers, adapt to changing business demands, and prosper in the digital economy. Business @ the Speed of Thought is not a technical book. It shows how business and technology are now inextricably linked. Each chapter is structured around a business or management issue, showing how digital processes can dramatically improve your results.

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