together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

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Lessons Taught by Failureby Napoleon Hill

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Has it ever occurred to you that every failure and every mistake from which you survive, and every obstacle which you master, develops in you wisdom, strategy and self-mastery, without which you could accomplish no great undertaking?

No man likes to meet with failure, yet every failure can be turned into a stepping stone that will carry one to the heights of achievement, if the lessons taught by the failure are organized, classified and used as a guide.

If your failures embitter you toward your fellowmen and develop cynicism in your heart they will soon destroy your usefulness; but, if you accept them as necessary teachers and build them into a shield, you can make of them an impenetrable protection.

Vanity prompts us to give more thought to our triumphs than we do to our failures, yet, if we profit by the experience of those who have accomplished most in the world, we will see that a man never needs to watch himself so closely as when he begins to attain success, because success often causes a slackening of effort and a letting down of that eternal vigilance which causes a man to throw the power of his combative nature into that which he is doing.

Source: Napoleon Hill’s Magazine. Vol. 1, No. 9. February, 1922. Back cover.

–Napoleon Hill

Written by Bhushan Kulkarni

June 16, 2007 at 5:32 am