together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

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Want to improve your English?

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I hope you see what I mean. Here are some more instances of incorrect English:

Incorrect: Can I take this call?
Correct: May I take this call?

Incorrect: Can I help you?
Correct: May I help you?

Incorrect: The number of people on Indian streets are mind-boggling.
Correct: The number of people on Indian streets is mind boggling.

Incorrect: She is my cousin sister.
Correct: She is my cousin.

Incorrect: I had a bad experience yesterday night.
Correct: I had a bad experience last night.

Incorrect: This class comprises of 50 students.
Correct: This class comprises 50 students.

Five things to do

Read more. Not just newspapers and magazines, novels too.
Refer to the dictionary and a grammar book (like Wren and Martin), while reading. Make it a habit.
Do crosswords. They help to increase one’s vocabulary and also urge you to think.
Grab every opportunity to speak English — with friends, colleagues — even to yourself!
Listen to people who speak well. Watching channels like BBC and CNN is a good bet.

pradip asked, pls suggest how to improve the pronunciation and fluecy. I am comparatively good in grammar and vocabulary.
Charanpreet Singh, Director, Formal Education, IMS answers, Hi. I guess there are four things you can do with any language — read, write, listen and speak — in your case, I feel that listening to people who speak well and grabbing every opportunity to speak would be helpful.

Munir asked, Hi Charanpreet, I am working as a software engineer in a software firm. I can communicate in English but I don’t have command over english. Many times it becomes difficult for me to manage such situations. Also, I need to interact with UK, US clients and it becomes very difficult to understand their accents. Could you please give me some tips to improve my english? Thanks.
Charanpreet Singh, Director, Formal Education, IMS answers, Hi Munir — you are not alone, but that doesn’t solve the problem, does it? Feel free to speak the language — that is key to gaining confidence and fluency. Also, since you are a software engineer you would be analytical by nature — use this strength to make your communication well-structured. People understand structure even if your language skills are not the best. Accent are a different ballgame altogether — you just need to listen more attentively and watch American films!

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