together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

f***k joke

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It is one of the most beautiful words.The English language should be proud of it. I don’t think any other language has such a beautiful word.

One Tom from California has done some great research on it. I think he must be the famous Tom of Tom, Dick and Harry fame.

He says:

One of the most interesting words in the English language today is the word ‘f***k’.

It is one magical word: just by its sound it can describe pain, pleasure, hate and love.

In language it falls into many grammatical categories.

It can be used as a verb, both transitive (John f***ked Mary)

and intransitive (Mary was f***ked by John),

and as a noun (Mary is a fine f***k).

It can be used as an adjective (Mary is f***king beautiful).

As you can see there are not many words with the versatility of ‘f***k’.

Besides the sexual meaning, there are also the following uses:

Fraud: I got f***ked at the used car lot.

Ignorance: f***ked if I know.

Trouble: I guess I am f***ked now!

Aggression: f***k you!

Displeasure: What the f***k is going on here?

Difficulty: I can’t understand this f***king job.

Incompetence: He is a f***k-off.

Suspicion: What the f***k are you doing?

Enjoyment: I had a f***king good time.

Request: Get the f***k out of here!

Hostility: I am going to knock your f***king head off!

Greeting: How the f***k are you?

Apathy: Who gives a f***k?

Innovation: Get a bigger f***king hammer.

Surprise: f***k! You scared the shit out of me!

Anxiety: Today is really f***ked.

And it is very healthy too.

If every morning you do it as a Transcendental Meditation — just when you get up, the first thing, repeat the mantra “f***k you!” five times — it clears the throat. That’s how I keep my throat clear! Enough for today.

Written by Bhushan Kulkarni

September 19, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Posted in Humor

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