together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

Bill Gates’ Profile/Timeline:

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1955 – William Henry Gates III was born on October 28th in Seattle, Washington
1955 – Popularly known as Bill Gates, his family called him “Trey” when he was little
1967 – Bill enrolled in the Lakeside School in Seattle and met Paul Allen
1969 – Bill and Paul (a.k.a “Lakeside Programming Group”) reported bugs in exchange for computer time
1972 – Bill and Paul formed Traf-O-Data and developed hardware/software to record highway traffic
1973 – Bill Gates graduated from Lakeside High and enrolled in Harvard University, where he majored in pre-law
1974 – Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed Micro-soft
1975 – Bill and Paul wrote the first computer language called BASIC and licensed it to MITS
1976 – Bill wrote software routines for BASIC on the Altair to use diskettes for storage
1976 – Gates wrote his famous “Open Letter to Hobbyists”, accusing them of software piracy
1976 – Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard
1977 – Bill Gates and Paul Allen officially registers a partnership, and Micro-soft became Microsoft
1980 – Tim Paterson begans writing an OS for use on Seattle Computer Products’ (SCP) 8086-based computer
1980 – IBM repesentatives met Gates and Steve Ballmer to write the OS for their upcoming computer
1980 – They met again and IBM showed the “Acorn” computer running on an 8-bit 8080 processor
1980 – Gates recommended the use of a 16-bit 8086 processor instead and promised an operating system
1980 – SCP ships QDOS 0.10 (Quick & Dirty Operating System)
1980 – Paul Allen approached SCP and purchased the right to resell to an unnamed client for $50,000 – IBM
1980 – Microsoft proposed to be in-charged of IBM’s entire software development and convert DOS for IBM’s PC
1981 – Microsoft bought all the rights to SCP’s DOS and renamed it MS-DOS
1981 – IBM introduced its first desktop, Datamaster, which ran on the 16-bit 8086 CPU and Microsoft’s MS-DOS
1983 – Microsoft announced Windows 1.0
1985 – Bill Gates gave keynote speech at Comdex
1985 – Microsoft released Windows 1.0
1986 – Microsoft is taken public at an IPO price of $21/share
1986 – Bill Gates became a billionaire at 31 years old – the yougest person to do so
1990 – Microsoft released Windows 3.0 and Microsoft sales topped $1 billion for the first time
1994 – Bill Gates and Melinda French got married in Hawaii on January 1st
1994 – Bill Gates becomes the richest person in America
1995 – Microsoft released Windows 95 and Bill Gates became the richest person in the world
1996 – Jennifer Katherine Gates was born on April 26th
1998 – Bill, Melinda and Jennifer moved into their new multi-million dollar house in Medina, Washington
1998 – Microsoft releases Windows 98
1999 – Bill’s fortunes swell to $90 billion and maintains his position on Forbes list as the wealthiest person alive
2000 – Microsoft releases Windows 2000 and Windows ME
2001 – Microsoft releases Windows XP
2002 – Stocks and lawsuits bring his Gates’ net worth down to $53 billion – still good enough for #1 on Forbes list
2003 – Microsoft releases Windows Server 2003
2006 – Microsoft releases Windows Vista?

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