together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

The Ten Duties of a King

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(from the Pali Jatakas)
But the common man or woman is not the only one for whom Buddha provides guidance…
1. Dana: Liberality, generosity, charity, concern with the welfare of the people.
2. Sila: High moral character, observing at least the Five Precepts.
3. Parccaga: Willing to sacrifice everything for the people — comfort, fame, even his life.
4. Ajjava: Honesty and integrity, not fearing some or favoring others.
5. Maddava: Kindness and gentleness.
6. Tapa: Austerity, content in the simple life.
7. Akkodha: Free from hatred, ill-will, and anger.
8. Avihimsa: Non-violence, a commitment to peace.
9. Khanti: Patience, tolerance, and the ability to understand others’ perspectives. 10. Avirodha: Non-obstruction, ruling in harmony with the will of the people and in their best interests.

Written by Bhushan Kulkarni

May 23, 2007 at 11:32 am

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