together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

Transform Your Plans Into Action

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Transform Your Plans Into Action
Behind your Goals Tab, you’ll find insightful principles to use when you do your weekly and daily planning. FranklinCovey workshops offer the most comprehensive way of understanding the full impact planning can have on your long-term performance.
Prioritized Daily Task List
Write here the things you want to do today. Once you’ve listed them, prioritize each task according to its importance. Put A, B, or C next to each one in the column provided.
A = The most valuable things you could accomplish todayB = Important, but they could wait if necessaryC = Would be nice to get done, but they won’t lose value if postponed
After assigning priority, number each task 1, 2, 3, etc., within its category so you know which to tackle first.
Symbol Legend
Next to the ABC column is a tracking column. Using the symbols below makes it easy to check your progress with a quick glance.

the task is completed.

the task has been moved to a future date. It’s a good idea to indicate the date you’ve moved it to, also.

you’ve started, but more work is needed. When you review your list later, you’ll know what still needs to be done.

someone else has been given responsibility for this task. His or her initial appears in the column. Include a circle next to the initial to check the task off when the assignee has completed it.

this task doesn’t need to be done after all.
Appointment Schedule
Record meetings, appointments, lunch dates, etc., here. Also use it to block out preparation time or time needed to complete an assignment.
Notes Page
This page is an important part of your Planning System, because it prevents the need for floating pieces of paper. Record phone calls, meeting notes, conversations, journal entries, etc., here. Number each entry and log it on your Monthly Index so it’s easy to find when you need it.
Monthly Calendar Tabs
If Brad calls January 3 and schedules a meeting with you for January 14, note the meeting on your Monthly Tab and write (1/3) below it. Now you know when the meeting is and on what dated page you can find the information you recorded about the meeting.
Your Monthly Tabs are more than a calendar, they are an important part of the information retrieval system you’re creating.
Master Task List
You’ll find a Master Task List on the back of each Monthly Calendar Tab. It’s a great place to accumulate an ongoing list of things you’d like to accomplish sometime during the month—like membership renewals and home repairs. As you create your daily task list, refer to your Master Task List.
Monthly Index
By summarizing important information here by date, you create a table of contents for your Planning Pages. You won’t have to search every page to find what you need. At the end of the year, you’ll have a complete index for your storage case.
Weekly Compass Card®
Behind the Values/Mission Tab in the Personal Management section, you’ll find ideas and activities that will help you identify the key roles you fill in life. After reviewing this information, you’ll understand how the Weekly Compass Card helps you add meaning to your planning every day. Please take the time to review this material.

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