together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

High Risk Taker(true story) posted by vikas

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High Risk Taker(true story)
Many of few have heard about Mr N Prasad.Although his life is similar to an ordinary men but what he had achevied in his life is difficult for other to think.In short its a story of true success.
He bought a small company for Rs 3 crore in 2000.last week, he sold it for a valuation of Rs 6,210 crore.thats mean in just 6 year he progress 3000 times .
Unusal he is.Part of the reason is that Prasad comes from a middle class background his father was an army officer and mother a house wife and he does not carry the baggage of inheritance.That gave him the stomach to take risks from the begining.
A master degree holder in chemistry,Prasad started his career as a small time analytical chemist with Indian Molassea at NewDelhi.In just few years he becames the General manager of plant organic,a hyderabad based firm,despite the fact that it was running huge losses.he and his business associate ,N.Ravinder bought the company for a mere Rs 3 crore.That money,too,was not easy to comeby.They cobbled it together by borrowing from branch at 48% interest rate.
he merge this new company with plant organic thus in march 2001,was born Matrix laboratieries.
Mean while a offer comes to N.Prasad and without signing a formal agrement,he puts a manufacturing block to complete the order that must have cost him Rs 20 crore.Again it was not easy for him to borrow,somehow he did it.Now Matrix is growing very rapidly in India and Ireland.After completing the order he didnot look backward.
And at last in july 2006 he sold Matrix to Mylan, sixth largest generics company in world for Rs 6,210 crore.

Written by Bhushan Kulkarni

January 5, 2007 at 8:39 am

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