together we can change ourself

together we can change ourself

Quoted from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Quoted from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
There is a place you can come to where everything is beautiful. Tourists
go from place to place looking for beauty. They try to take beauty from
that place. They only get tired and tanned. Yet the most beautiful spot
anywhere is right here! When you come here, you find that wherever you
are, everything is so beautiful. Where is this place? Don’t look here
and there. It’s within you! When you come here, then any place is
beautiful. And wherever you go, you add beauty there.

If you are unhappy, you feel that even the moon is irritating you. Sweet
things are nauseating, music is disturbing. When you are calm and
centred inside, noise is musical, clouds are magical, rain is liquid
sunshine. Book yourself on a trip to this most beautiful place in the
universe. Then you find that every day is a vacation and a celebration.

Buddha is not on the peak, rather the peak is beneath Buddha. One who
goes to the peak comes down, but the peak seeks the one who is stationed
in the inner space. Shiva is called Chandrasekhara which means that mind
which is in the Shiva (transcendence) and is always above the peak.
Often people are running after parties and celebrations, but for the one
who is not running after them, parties and celebrations follow him.

If you are running after parties, loneliness comes to you, but if you
are in the solitude of the self, parties surround you! People who are
free, regret that they don’t have discipline. They keep promising that
they will become disciplined. People who are disciplined look for the
end (Discipline is not an end in itself, it is a means.) Look at the
people who have no discipline; they are miserable. Freedom without
discipline is absolute misery. Discipline without freedom is
suffocating. Orderliness is monotonous and chaos is stressful. We have
to make the disciplined free and the free disciplined!

Written by Bhushan Kulkarni

January 4, 2007 at 11:29 am

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